2D Explainer Video Service For Business

2D Explainer Video Service

2D Explainer Video Service

You are probably searching for professional Explainer Video Production Company for your business on the internet. These types of videos are essential for your company or business to get more sales. Having a great video which explains our services or product is a great idea. People prefer visual stories instead of written content.

Explainer Video Service Introduction

Making explainer video whether it is 2D or 3D, requires a lot of efforts. It need professional-level skills and efforts. It also needs the best combination of video animation software such as adobe after effects and Adobe Premiere and other video software.

We are providing professional explainer video service to business and companies. You can order your 2D explainer Video From Explainer Video Production Company Here.

2D Explainer Video Price

The price of 2D explainer video is ranging from $1000 to $15,000. Here at 2dvideoexpert.com price are bit low and tabulated below:

Video LengthPrice in USD
30 Sec500 USD
60 Sec950 USD
90 Sec1250 USD
120 Sec1600 USD
90 Sec500 USD

You can see character or non-character animation price at 2dvideoexpert.com in the column above. Let’s discuss some types of an explainer video.

Whiteboard Animation

In whiteboard animation, an object usually a hand having a pen is writing something on board usually white in colour. This hand can draw objects and text in that whiteboard video.

Character Animation Video

In character animation, specific characters and roles are used in the video. These roles can be of different age, gender or profession. Some characters can be like doctor, teacher or student, etc. 2D Explainer Video Service For Business most probably require corporate characters and roles.

Presentation Video Animation

In a presentation explainer video, a presentation styled video is made by the company. This type of video can be used for presenting product or service features in front of customers for marketing purposes.

Kinetic Typography Video

Kinetic Typographic video is a video in which a dynamic typographic technique is used for explaining something.

Infographic Video

This type of video is used to show stats or something similar.

How to order Explainer video?

Go to Video Production Company Homepage Here then click on the order now tab where you can place your order and get your delivery before turnaround time.

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