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Android App Development Service Description

Our Workdigit is dedicated to android development service, we will develop your android application whether you are a business, or non-business personal, Company or individual. Our developed application will be bug-free and multi-device compatible, it means our developed app will run on almost all android versions and devices. You will be able to run the same application to different android devices such as Tablets, Smartphones, or android PC Suits by developing the app by our android app development service.

We have a professional programming team with experience and skills in multiple languages (Mainly in Java) that will create your app. Some examples of the app are Gamming Apps, Shopping Apps, Company Chat App, News App, Calculation System App and more.

How to Order

The order process is very simple and easy, just install the WhatsApp application from the official store and then click the button below to directly connect with us on Whatsapp. This method is simple and fast to connect and discuss, we will reply to you ASAP and send you price quota and time required for the development. After the agreement, you will send payment to your prefer ed payment method Here are our supported payment methods. After payment is received, we will assign your task to our team and will give you your login details where you can log in and track the project progress.

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Types of Android Apps

App Development - Workdigit

There are hundreds of thousands of application on google playstore and the number of apps are increasing everyday. There are many types of apps are present there with multiple categories. Some of famous applications are CamScanner, Angry Birds, Candy Crush, PUBG and list goes on. Some apps targeted audience are common people, some are companies and some of them target specific audience and demographics or regions, for example banking applications targets one country people who are interested in investing or depositing money. Some apps are finance related which needs high security precautions for developers and some are simple games, some are health related applications like Calories meter, walk trackers and others.

Here are we discussing some types of applications for you, but all applications are not limited to these.

Shopping App Development Service

In the shopping app development service, we develop a shopping app for the goods that you are selling. These goods can be physical ship-able goods, Digital goods like course selling, or both of these.

Shopping Application Development

Websites and online shopping store websites were widely used for selling goods online but after the arrival of android technology, it is a unique idea to have a application store as well to increase amount of sales and engagements. If you don’t have shopping app, you are losing android apps audience.

If you have planned to develop a shopping android app then contact us, we will develop and deliver your android application for you.

Android Games Development Service

Android Game Development Service

Just like the eCommerce Industry, the gaming industry is also shifted from PC platforms to android device platforms. Have you remembered playing your favorite games on PC? Like IGI, Call of Duty etc but today people play PUBG, Standoff, Candy Crush and other games on their android mobile phones.

Games downloads are relatively more than other types of android apps so Games Apps have more potential of earning through publishers programs like Google Admob. We are providing a professional game development service that you can order straight right now.

Unity Games Development Service

Unity Development Service

We are also providing Unity Development Service, Unity is a 3D and 2D gaming platform for android where we can develop highly customizable and portable games. Most of the 3D fighting games are developed on unity.

Unity is a gaming engine and not only android, it is cross-platform gaming engine which is used for other operating systems game development too such as iOS game Development, Windows, and Android Game development you can easily see some games have a tag like this “Made with Unity”.

Utility App Development

Utility App Development Service

Utility apps are tools or power tools of the android system. They add new functionality to your android mobile such an example is the android app lock app. This app adds locking other apps functionality to android.

We are also providing utility apps development service, tell us your details and we will develop it.

Business or Company App Development Service

We will develop your Company Android app or business app where you can easily communicate with your clients and customers. Some examples are:

  • Service Listing Apps
  • Company Portfolio App
  • Business Service Description App
  • Company Chat or Support App
  • GPS Applications
  • More

Softwares We use for App Development Service

We use different software depending on nature, functionality required and complexity of development projects.

We don’t relay or stick to one software for our projects however we mostly use official android studio software to develop android applications.

Below are some overviews of software we use for development.

Android Studio

Android Studio is a number 1 standalone official app development tool from the android vendor. This is a widely used tool for development.

To operate this tool, you have to learn Java programming language because this tool mainly support java language to develop android apps, if you want to avail our Java Development Service then you can contact us.

This software has built in android app tester (simulatore), Java Development kit, JDE and Java Runtime.


Eclipse is another app used for developing android apps. However this app not only used to develop android app but it is also widely used for other development tasks such as java desktop application.

To run the android development platform, there is a need to install java JDE and Java Development kit. Android simulator is also required to test applications.

Microsoft Visual Studio for App Development

Microsoft visual studio itself can not be used for android development alone. We have to install and use microsoft visual studio extension named “Xamarin Studio” to enable android development in microsoft visual studio. After installing this extension we are now able to develop an android application using C# (C-Sharp) Language. This extension converts C# code to android compatible codes and runtime.

Other Softwares for Application Development

Other softwares are:

  • Unity 3D and 2D
  • Gammer Maker Studio
  • AVD Manager
  • B4A
  • Gamer Maker Studio
  • Unreal Engine
  • ML Kit
  • And Others

Final Note

Always select a android app development service where company is offering cross device service to develop applications because if your app does not run on other version or devices, then you will be in big loss of customers and installs.

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