Easy To Operate Professional Online Shop Development Service

Online Shop Development Service Introduction

Ecommerce industry is widely spread now, most of the goods selling are now online so WorkDigit Team decided to give our customers a effective and easy to use approach. We are providing online Ecommerce Shop/Store Development service.

What You will Get:

You will get:

  • Easy to operate an online shop developed.
  • Customer Support
  • An easy Training how you can operate this store easily.

How to Order?

You can order a easy to operate online shop for your business at best prices with full easy training of how you can operate this shop and how you can make changes to your site.

You can order our services be contacting directly to our Dedicated team on our Business Whatsapp Account By Clicking Below Button:

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Online Shop Platforms:

There are many platforms many of which are open source and some are paid. We will respect your choice to chose platform. Some of platforms are:

  • Wix Shop
  • Shopify
  • Woocommerce (WordPress)
  • Magento
  • Open Cart
  • Custom PHP Developed Shops
  • Any Other Platform

And we are providing services for all above mentioned platforms.

We will discuss in details further what benefits and disadvantages are associated with each shop.

Wix Shop

Wix Shop

Wix Shop is one of easy to develop and easy to operate store where you we do customization according to our needs. Wix is on static html webpage on frontend and we have not a control on backend server all work will done by Wix in backend server. They provide payment method integration including stripe and paypal payment gateway. You can easily select template for your site from wix’s thousands of online shop templates. We are providing services of Wix Shop so our dedicated team will work as you like your shop to be.

Here are some Pros and Cons Associated with Wix Shop Contact Us Now.


  • Very Easy To operate
  • Thousands of templates to chose
  • You can connect your own domain name
  • Does not need separate hosting to host your store


  • Less customization options and plugins
  • Less features as compared to other platforms
  • Expensive when we talk about monthly fee
  • Your store data will be on Wix server not in your own server so you will have less control on your shop data.
  • Less extensions and less features as compared to other platforms.



Shopify is fast growing ecommerce platform where you can create your ecommerce website with lots of options and customization available. A shopify store is hosted in shopify server with high security SSL Connection. You can add unlimited products in shopify but their pricing plan is expensive.

We are providing shopify store creation service Contact Us

Pros and Cons of Shpify are below:


  • You don’t need hosting to host your shopify Store
  • Store Security is best because store hosting is managed by shopify
  • Hundreds of free and paid themes for shopify are available
  • Shopify is trusted by millions
  • Easy to mange store
  • Customer Support is best
  • Best for Dropshipping


  • You have not control on your shop hosting
  • Less customization options as compared to other platform like woocommerce
  • Most of the themes are paid
  • Expensive monthly plans as compared to other platforms
  • Less control and limitation to product and users control

Woocommerce WordPress

Woocommerce Dashboard

Woocommerce is shopping platform for wordpress CMS (Content Management System) and having more than millions of users worldwide. Woocommerce store is highly customizable and hundreds of plugins and themes available (Paid and Free). We also have many sites on woocommerce platform and this platform is also trusted by Workdigit

Reason of our recommendation of woocommerce is because in woocommerce platform, you can add any feature or services you can imagine, it has vast features plugins can be implemented immediately and woocommerce is hosted on your own server so you will have full control on your backups, products and your store data so you can migrate your own hosting to another hosting provider at any time without any trouble.

We are providing full development and support service for woocommerce, Contact Us on Whatsapp Now

Here are some pro and cons od woocommerce are discussed below:


  • Highly Customizable
  • You can add unlimited products and users
  • You have full control to your products and store backup data
  • You can host it on your own hosting so monthly hosting charges can be reduce-able
  • Woocommerce have thousands of plugins and themes
  • Easy to operate orders, shipping taxes and other data
  • Trusted by millions


  • You have to buy SSL Certificate separately or you can use free SSL named LetsEncrypt
  • You need your own hosting to host your store site
  • Initial development requires advance skills

Magento Platform

Magento Platform

Magento is bit old platform unlike woocommerce, magento specialy developed for E-Commerce only. Just like woocommerce, Magento is also a self hosted platform, it means you have to get hosting to host your magento site. We also provide Magento service to avail our service contact us

Here are some pros and cons:


  • Easy to operate and manage
  • Self Hosted Platform
  • Less monthly cost if you chose cheaper hostings
  • Has custom themes and plugins options


  • Expensive plugins and themes
  • Old Platform
  • Weird Dashboard
  • Less customization options as compared to Woocommerce

OpenCart Platform

OpenCart Dashboard

OpenCart is another CMS Ecommerce platform which is self hosted and easy to use and manage. Like magento, this platfoem is also one of oldest platforms of ecommerce market. This also has same options including extensions and plugins. They have multiple payment integration options including Paypal and Stripe credit card gateway.

You also can avail our OpenCart Store Development Service

Some pro and Cons of this platform are below:


  • Very Easy to use and operate orders
  • Easy Payment integration
  • Smooth, simple and clean platform
  • Self Hosted
  • Less operating cost if you chose cheaper hosting


  • Less customization options as compared to Woocommerce
  • Limited Plugins and Extensions
  • Relatively old
  • Initial development requires skilled team

Custom PHP Developed Shops

PHP is web programming language and most of the ecommerce platform discussed above are made in php programming.

PHP can be used to make custom online shops but these shops are very expensive to develop because it require lot of programming team work and efforts.

We are also providing Custom PHP Shop Development Service

There are also some pro and cons associated with php built store which are discussed below:


  • Custom and dedicated shop
  • Clean and simple
  • Good user experience
  • Self hosted


  • Very expensive and costly
  • Limited functionality
  • No access to adons and new themes, everytime you need new theme, you need to develop it or hire a php expert
  • Sitensecurity is low as compared to other platforms

Other Platforms:

There are dozens of other platforms there so you can chose which like best fit for your needs, we provide services for every platform so you don’t worry of development, our dedicated team will do that all for you just contact us.

Some brief description of other platform is below:


Bigcommerce is brand new hosted platform for ecommerce website they provide their own hosting and easy to use drag and drop customizations and lots of ecommerce functionalities. They are competitors of shopify so their functionalities are matched with shopify. They have good customer support and flexible monthly pricing depending upon users need. Order Now


Volusion is also hosted ecommerce platform which also offer 14 days trial to check their services they are also like shopify and big commerce, they have easy to use product addition and payment integration solution.


PrestaShop is beautiful and clean php based online shop solution. This is free and open source software so you only have to pay hosting provider, using of Prestashop software is free. We are also giving services of prestashop you can contact us by clicking on this.


Weebly is like Wix Shop which we have discussed already. Weebly is for newbie ecommerces personals who are not so technical. We are also providing weebly shop development service you can contact us.

Other Platforms

We have discussed some major platforms which are mostly used by business and people and we will continuously update this page with more update.

Some of other platforms are:

  • 3d Card
  • SquareSpace
  • And more will coming soon

Our Customers Reviews

Here are some testimonials from our customers:

Overall Positive Ratings
Ecommerce Store Development 97%
Client Satisfaction
All Clients 98%
Deliver on Time
Within Time-Frame 100%

Final Notes:

Final note from us that

Chose E-Commerce platform on the basis of your needs, not on the basis of expense


Our skilled and dedicated team is here for you always, to develop your online store, give you best support and easy training to operate your shop and best wishes to your business.

Best of luck for your business future…

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