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Web Design Service Introduction

Web design is key component for showcasing your organization, business, portfolio, web application or any other thing you want online. Nowadays, there are various web development agencies which are giving web design services some of them are very good. But most of them are either non-professionals or they do not provide service with quality over given cost. That is why our team at Work Digit is giving this web design service to businesses, companies, and individuals.

We have a skilled team for a web design who is constantly providing quality services to our clients and they are satisfied with us. One best quality of our web design team is to provide and deliver service within the shortest possible time. Also, we prefer quality over anything else, if you place an order with your requirements then we will give you the best suggestions after that final delivery will be exactly like we have promised. We also provide revisions if you think delivery is not like your expectations. Most of our clients happy upon first delivery because our work is more professional than others. Our programming and development team is experienced in their field and when a specific task is assigned to them, their delivery is quickly ASAP.

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What We are as a Web Design Agency

Besides other business services, Work digit is a web design agency to provide professional web designing services to our clients and new customers. We give complete web designing solutions to those people and businesses who are looking to develop and design their websites.

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Advantage of working with a web agency is that you don’t have to dig different individual professionals to select best one because, in our work digit web designing agency, we have already a team of experts which know their task and you will not end your decision by selecting unprofessional persons for your web design task. We have selected persons in our team and none of them is unprofessional so you will save your time by not looking at random persons start working with a company like us and rest we will do ourselves.

Also, you can discuss your project before placing an order so you will get the answer to your all questions before moving forward.

Responsive Web Design Service

A responsive web page is the same page that opens differently on mobile and desktop. For example, if you see our work digit website homepage then you can easily see that our website is adjusted according to device screen size. If you open on the desktop then it will wider and when you open on mobile devices then it is fitted to mobile screen and optimized accordingly. This feature of responsiveness is necessary for all web designed nowadays because more than billion of devices are mobile and smartphone devices so that the website needs to be adjusted accordingly otherwise your website visitor will leave your site.

Workdigit Homepage Screenshot

In the image above you can easily see that our site homepage is adjusted to our mobile device. This type of responsive design is perfectly ideal for all type of web designing clients because everyone wants their site to be multi-screen and perfectly responsive. We are here to help you out.

No matter what type of site design you order, we deliver our design which is responsive so you don’t need to worry about it. You can order responsive web design services by clicking here.

Web Design Service For Small Business

We are helping small businesses to grow up and fulfill their business needs. If you are a small business owner or belonging to a small organization and want to design your web then we will design it for you with proper guidance.

If you are looking for ecommerce website development service then we will help you. Also, there are other types of business website with responsive design and eye-catching themes which we will add it to your site other than ecommerce website.

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Our developed website is very user-friendly for your users. Design is fully ey catching because we use a perfect and optimized color combination of your site which matched your logo and brand. All web page elements are placed in professional manners because your website design is your first impression to your customers or users.

We create different websites for you including these but not limited to these:

  • Service Website
  • Gaming Website
  • Trading and Ecommerce Website
  • Business Portfolio Website
  • Your Goods Listing Website
  • Any other

If you are providing any specific service to your customer then we will create your service website where your customers can choose quantity and then place order online such as writing service.

If you want sale goods (Digital or Physical) then we will create your Online Store for you.

If your business does not operate online but you want to develop your site for your business then it will also beneficial for you because nowadays survival of businesses depends upon their online presence. If you make a website for your offline business then it will increase:

  • Brand Awareness
  • User Engagement
  • Online Advertising
  • Bring you More Customers
  • And More

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Web Design Company

We are web design company dedicated to giving full web design services to companies and businesses. If you search for the best web design company sites on the internet online then you will find that workdigit is best rated and trusted by many customers. Our website is top in the list of best web design company sites including better development and optimized web designed. If you don’t have a company and still want to make a website designed for you then you also can contact us to design your website. As a web design company, we are giving full web services including designing, development, optimization, speed enhancement, website layout design and more.

You can avail these services from us:

  • Webpages Design
  • Homepage Design
  • Complete website Designing
  • Layout Design
  • Theme development
  • Complete web development
  • Section Designing
  • Website PSD design
  • And More

How to Order Right Now!

You can place and discuss your order right now by clicking the button below. It will open a chat window with our WhatsApp account so you will get a quick service. We will reply to you ASAP. Make sure that you have WhatsApp Application Installed.

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Web Design For

We are giving web design service for these but not limited to these:

  • Web Design for Restaurants
  • Web Design for Business
  • Homepage Design
  • Portal Design
  • Web Design For Authors
  • Web Design for Accountants
  • Web Design for a Small Business
  • Web Design for Construction Company
  • Web Design for Female Entrepreneurs
  • Website Design for Financial Services
  • Web Design for Fashion
  • Website Design for Games
  • Any Other

Why Our Service is Best Web Design Service in the Market

The first reason why our service is the best web design service because we give quality and the best ever possible design for our customers. Moreover, our customer support is quick and straight forward. We do modifications in design if the user doesn’t like our design we will change it. Our designs are best and unique because we don’t use pre-made templates available on the internet, instead, we create our own upon user request.

You can also check out our internet rating from different users from the internet, we have almost 4.9 positive ratings from users who availed our service. If you have to face any problem or you want a web designing solution then you can always contact us to get in touch with us.

Features of Our Designed Web

Our designed website will be feature-rich functionality. If you want to implement your own functionality idea then tell us we will add it too. Have you ever saw big brand websites? Many of them are designed by us and you can get a website like them too. Some features of our developed website are:

  • High Security (Hacking Protection)
  • Backup System
  • Responsive and Mobile Friendly
  • Good Speed
  • User-Friendly Web Design
  • SEO Friendly
  • Eye-Catching Design

High Security (Hacking Protection)

Security is high priority for business websites because development in technology has increased security threats and websites are hijacked and hacked nowadays. Even big companies like google Facebook etc are worried about their security. Data theft becomes common and other security elements are at risk.

To protect your website security, we do strict countermeasures such as we apply Web Application Firewall (WAF), Database Protection, Securing connection Using SSL and more.

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Backup System

We will install a website backup system on your site so that your data will be continuously being backed up. If ever you lost your site or its data then you can restore that backup at any time to make your website live again. This will also a countermeasure for hacking attacks when hackers attack your site and compromise it. A backup will secure it.

Responsive and Mobile Friendly

Just as stated above, our designed website will be mobile friendly and adjustable to any screen size. Your visitors will easily see your site content without zooming or adjusting because the screen will be auto-adjusted. The mobile user will see your site’s mobile version while desktop users will see desktop version and tablet users will see tablet versions and so on.

Good Speed

We implement lite speed system on our developed website so that your website will load faster and quicker. Lon loading speed is a very big issue that imparts a negative impression of your site. We will enhance your site speed upto a speed of light by doing the following measures:

  • Installing Cache System
  • Minifying CSS and JavaScript
  • Reducing Server Response Time
  • Enabling GZip Compression
  • Lazy Loading Images
  • Compressing Images and Media
  • More

User-Friendly Web Design

Our design will be responsive and user-friendly. We will implement simplicity and professional look at the same time so that your experience will be enhanced without compromising your site’s design.

SEO Friendly

The design will SEO friendly which will increase your website visibility on search engines and social media. We will make your site On Pag SEO powerful and add internal linking to building strong internal SEO profile so that you will get handsome SEO traffic.

Eye-Catching Web Design

Our designers will be eye-catching and perfect color combination with corporate colors in our web design service. We will implement the best color combination technique (Opposite back and for ground colors) to make it look attractive and eye-catching. You can also see some designs below:

Some Samples of our web design

Web Design Service Sample 3
Web Design Sample 2
Web Design Samples

Web Application Development Service

We are also giving web application development server. Web application is like desktop or mobile application but running online. We will develop one for you. You can see What is Web Application.

Platforms For Web Designing Service

There are hundreds of platforms that can be used for web designing but some of them are more powerful and widely used by us for our web design service. We will discuss some platforms that are widely used.

Platform increase design flexibility, management ease, security, and usability. Some common platforms are:

WordPress For Web Design

Wordpress Web Design Service

WordPress is the number one Content Management System (CMS) now with more than millions of websites are running on WordPress. We are also giving WordPress Development Service to our customers.

WordPress has thousands of plugins and themes which make it versatile and portable. The WordPress design is very powerful and responsive you can easily manage the WordPress site as compared to websites built on other platforms.

WordPress Website Design

WordPress website design is very unique and customizable. You can choose its fonts, styles, size, scripts and even order new themes that will change the look of your WordPress website. We are here to give you a WordPress design service. You can avail of this service by clicking here.

WordPress For Website Design

WordPress is widely used in designing of the website even in our given examples above, many of them are developed in WordPress. The reason, why most of the people chose WordPress, is that because WordPress support and features are more powerful than any other platform even more than custom websites.

You can easily log in to your WordPress administrator dashboard, can easily manage your site’s users, control comments, control site functionality, see user activities and analytics, implement SEO and much much more than you can think of. You can contact us now to ask a question.

Joomla For Web Design

Joomla Web Design Service

Joomla is also a content management system that runs on the server which supports PHP. You can log in to the Joomla admin dashboard to manage your site and its contents. Joomla’s dashboard is clean and very simple to use. You can see settings option in dashboard such as SEO settings, media settings, comments, and other settings. Just like WordPress, Joomla also has thousands of themes and extensions which are customizable and immediately usable for the Joomla website. Both WordPress and Joomla have multiple languages. They have support for more than 50 languages including local languages and the list is growing continuously. It has a responsive menu and web page design. This is open-source software so you can easily deploy it to any server running on PHP.

Wix Weebly and Other Static HTML Platforms

Wix, Weebly and webs platform is a static HTML web platform that runs on drag and drops web builder. They have limited functionality because they don’t support PHP or any programming languages, only HTML markup coding. But the design of these types of websites is eye-catching and very user-friendly. They have very clean and attractive looks, they already have ready-made themes that can be edited to match our needs.

Here are some templates of static HTML.

Static HTML Web Design

Another big advantage of these websites is these websites can not be hacked because the server is not running any programming code, no programming no injection and no hacking. These types of websites are best for portfolio showcase and business services description or for simple online presence.

These are static sites instead of dynamic websites. Static HTML websites are that website that doesn’t change with time. If you want to change something in it then you have to make a change manually while in the dynamic website you can update your site regularly with the help of server-side scripting languages.

Custom Web Design Platforms

Custom web design platform is those which run or support specific programming languages and these programming languages support web application environment. Then the developer designs a custom website on that language and uploads it to the server. Then the server executes this script code and the website becomes available for all devices.

There are many server programming languages one of them which is dominating is PHP Programming which developed especially for designing websites. There are hundreds of other languages too which will be discussed below.

These types of websites are dynamic web pages, it means that these websites are not having static files that store on the server and present it to users, instead these web pages are generated dynamically on the server upon user request and then these pages are presented to users.

PHP Web Design and Development

PHP Web Design Service

As stated above, PHP is a dynamic web application programming language that creates dynamic website pages. PHP is a hypertext processor language that is widely used all over the world even the most popular cms including WordPress is using this programming language for their platform.

You can create almost every web application you can think of. It has various libraries and frameworks available as open source. PHP Laravel is also an extension of this language.

PHP can run on any server which supports PHP environment like you can run PHP into your localhost Xampp Server, Apache Server, Nginx Server, Tomcat Server, etc.

Contact Us to Order PHP web design.

PHP syntax starts from <?php and it has many functionalities already present but you can extend its functionality by installing more PHP libraries. PHP web pages end with .php extensions which can contain both HTML and PHP codes. But PHP can run independently without HTML codes too. Below is a simple PHP code of Hello World Application:

ECHO "Hello World!<br>";

Microsoft ASP and Java Web Design

ASP is a web programming language from Microsoft that will also used by our web design service. ASP Server normally runs on the Windows Operating system which supports Microsoft dot net framework. This language relay on Microsoft SQL Database (MSSQL) which saves all data processes by an asp.

ASP uses the Microsoft .net framework to work and this framework only present on the windows server. So you can run this language website only on the windows server.

Webpages that are running on ASP have extensions .asp or aspx at the end.

If you want to design your ASP website then contact us for an order.

This server-side scripting language used for the development of dynamic web application development. You can see that most of online application and education institutes used this language.

Python and Other Programming for Web Design

There are other programming languages that can be used for developing websites on of them is python which is used by technology geeks like google and Facebook.

Some other programming languages that are used are:

  • Peel
  • CGI
  • Flash
  • Javascript
  • Java
  • VB.NET
  • C#
  • C++
  • Objective C
  • Others

Web Development Service Company

If you are looking for an affordable but professional web development company then the work digit is the best solution for you. We have experienced and professional team for best website design. We not only design your website but also we will program, setup and develop your web. No matter you want CMS web development or custom web development, we will do it on our end you have to just place an order then sit and wait for results. If you instruct and give us information on how you want your website to look then we will consider it, such as you can tell us what sections you want what coloring or fonts of your website you want or any other information.

Besides our web design service, we will also give you a detailed briefing on how your website will be host, what will be your site speed and what will be domain and hosting, you can check out what is domain and hosting here.

You also can order Web Development Service Here.

If you want to choose the best web development company for your new website then you must have to look at these qualities in that company:

  • Best and Clear Communication with Clients
  • Clear Instructions of doing and do not
  • Best Price
  • Shortest Possible Delivery Time
  • Customer Satisfaction by giving soft revisions
  • Support for operating and handling a website
  • Developed Website should have a minimum load on the server while performance should be maximum
  • The website developed by Company should be a high security and faster one.
  • The company should be given maintenance service too if required

There are other points too which you should keep in mind before choosing web development company one of them is “Web Development Company Should Be Trusted and Reviewed By Users” because nowadays there are many local companies giving junk and dummy services to their customers that are not happy with them because of poor quality. You should check company reviews on the internet before choosing any company. If you can not find website development company reviews then contact directly with the company and ask your questions to them.

We at Work Digit will give you quality services, we have many satisfied clients which rated our services best of their knowledge. Also, we have positive testimonials from our old clients too.

Support and Help for Web Design Service

We are not only providing website development service but also we are giving support and help for your existing website or our designed website. We will guide you to handle all matters of your site.

We will guide you about customization, handling, usage, and tracking. We will give support in any other matter too. Our website delivery comes with customer support. Order Now!

Workdigit As Web Design Agency (Company)

We are business service providers, web designing is one of our top services and our clients are satisfied with our service. We give the following advantages to our customers:

  • Flexible Delivery Policy
  • Revisions
  • Secure Payment Process
  • The simplicity of Placing Order
  • Full Customer Support
  • Best Customer Guide
  • Affordable Price
  • Quality over anything else

Web Design for Hire

Our Website design is professional so that you can hire us for our services. Hire us Now

Difference between Web design and Development

There is a difference between web design and development and they are not the same. Both design and development refers to website creation but development involves in programming and uploading database, setting up a server and another measure which will live your website while web designing is a difficult task than development.

In our web design service, designer have to make website live plus complete designing including theme setup, fonts and colour selection, functionality designs, layout design, footer, and header designing and other types of designing.

We are giving both Web designing and Development Service Click Here to Order

Web Development Web Designing
Programming Knowledge Required Programming Knowledge with Designing Skills Required
Any Web Programmer Can do it. The only Programmer with designing software skills can do this
Work on Server End Work on client side Front End
Server-Side Language Language + CSS+HTML+Java+Others
Works for Functionality Works for Look of Site

Web Design with Hosting and Domain

After your website is designed, then the next task is making it online on the internet so that anyone can access it using the internet. For this purpose there are two elements are used. First, one is Hosting and another one is domain. Hosting is required to store your website files and anyone can access it from there while the domain name is the name of your website. For example, workdigit.com is our domain name. Domain comes with different extensions such as .com .net .org .us .me .co .info and hundreds of other. While .com is mostly and widely used.

Brief description of domain and hosting is below:

What is Hosting?

Just as stated above, hosting is the storage and processor of your website. All files of your website including media, text, articles and other programming files are stored in hosting and when a user from the internet request this file, it will be downloaded from that hosting or server.

Hosting is a computer that is connected to internet and share data and files. There are many hosting providers on the market ranging from $25-$100 per year cost. It means you can hist your files on their hosting computer or server for 1 year at this mentioned price.

These are types of hosting:

  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Server

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is a server or computer shared with other users’ websites. Your website and other people website use it collectively and share resources. Beginner website and startup businesses use this type of hosting.

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is a shared server which is used by the medium-sized business for their website. VPS hosting is like a virtual server that has cost more than shared hosting but less than dedicated server hosting.

Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is a computer that is only dedicated to you or to your site. Your site is the only website that is hosted on it alone so that your site will have great speed and functionality. This hosting is more costly than shared and VPS hostings. Large scale businesses use this type of dedicated server for their websites.

Contact Us and we will suggest you best hosting according to your business or website size.

What is Domain?

The domain is the name of your website that is appeared on the internet just like the domain name of our website is workdigit.com. This .com domain extension is widely used by another website while there are other great extensions too such as:

  • .online
  • .me
  • .org
  • .net
  • .club
  • .info
  • .us
  • .uk
  • .co.uk
  • .au
  • .ca
  • .co
  • .nz
  • And Thousands of others

The price of all extensions is different. There are country-specific domain names too such as for the US it will .us for the UK it will .uk for Australia it will .au and so on. You can purchase these domain names from domain registrar from 1 year to 10 years.

Update: There are some new domains added in domain marketplace which we would like to update you. These new domains are:

  • .app
  • .biz
  • .careers
  • .gl
  • .ly
  • .dev
  • .ai
  • .best
  • .live
  • .studio
  • .world
  • .chat

Contact us and we will suggest you best domain name for your website.

Web Design CMS vs Custom Development

Designing is different in different scenarios, designing in CMS is different from designing in Custom website.

Designing in CMS (Content Management System) is done by developing themes for that CMS such as if we talk about WordPress then we know that WordPress has custom themes that are used for the design and layout of web pages.

For custom developed websites, we add and manipulate website’s CSS Style Sheets, Javascripts and HTML codes to design website layout, sections, colors, and fonts. Other customizations such as the size of the page, responsiveness, adjustability, and other factors also can be controlled by these elements.

Web Design On CMS

Web design on the content management system is done by our CMS experts who have relevant experience in that field. We develop themes, edit them, and design them from scratch. We keep responsiveness to theme which is the demand of our users and new era websites. There are some pros and cons associated with CMS Design


  1. Easy to use
  2. Customization can be done by clients itself
  3. Multi options and thousands of customizations possible
  4. Themes availability in the market
  5. Most used practice


  • Coding Knowledge is required for editing theme
  • New theme development is costly
  • Some ready-made themes are costly
  • Gzip Compression is required

Custom Web Design


  1. Clean and Simple Design
  2. Fast loading speed
  3. Code editing is easy
  4. Low maintenance efforts
  5. Ease of Development


  • No availability of themes
  • Diagnosing Problems is difficult
  • Initial Designing Cost is high
  • No pre-made add-ons or plugins are there
  • Features Expansion is difficult

Static vs Dynamic Web Design

Static websites are HTML content website that rarely changes over time while dynamic pages are generated by the server (not stored on server) and presented to users. The changes according to situations. Dynamic web design is preferred by businesses and companies because they need to update their info from time to time while personal users or portfolio websites use static HTML platforms such as Wix, weekly, webs, xtgem or similar platform. The static design doesn’t impose huge load on the server that is why this site has a very low cost while dynamic websites have a relatively higher cost.

Some of the static HTML blog sites are free such as bloggers by google, WordPress blog by WordPress, within pages by within are free. They are perfect for a personal blog. But if you want a professional one then you have to move for a premium one.

All custom websites such as PHP asp python developed websites are dynamic. Also CMS websites such as WordPress, Joomla, prestashop, woocommerce, magento and others are also dynamic websites.

Web Application vs Content Web Design

Web applications and content websites are mistakenly taken as same but these are not same there is difference between them. As from name, we can easily see that web application are online apps which have specific functionality such as online chess website has gaming functionality while content website can contain contents in different forms.

Brief description of the web app and the content web is below:

Web App

Web Applications are dynamic tools and functionalities that are present online. There is one example you use daily which is? Remember? Yes it is Google a technology geek. Google search is a web application which have search functionality. Google have dozens of other functionality web apps too such as google documents, google slides, google calendar, Gmail and other apps known by you.

This was an example but there are thousands of other famous web applications present on the internet some of them is used by millions of people.

Web app is actually a software or application program that can be run on online server and accessed by users on internet instead of installing software or program on personal desktop.

Now you have clearly understand what is web application now let us explain you what is Content web design.

Content Web Design

Content web design is a showcase of content including media, pictures, video, text articles, messages, portfolios and any other media which you want to show to your customers.

Content websites are made for companies and publishers network for revenue. Have you seen websites like medium, EzineArticles? These all are content website design and their objective is to present their content and article online to users. More than 70 percent of websites present on internet are content websites and they deliver useful information to the public.

Content websites are also used by company and businesses to showcasing their business information to their users and customers for the purpose of brand awareness.

You also can order this service Now!

Ecommerce Web Design Service

Ecommerce web design is a online store design which is optimized for eCommerce industry such as our Ecommerce Web Design Service. Ecommerce design should be highly responsive and user friendly because this is not only a content website but also a store for your internet users. If this design is improper then you will be in big loss such as you will see drop in sales or less sales, less user engagements, poor brand impression or low customer activity.

That is why you should always design your online store professionally or hire a professional having expertise in that field.

Contact Us For Order Ecommerce Store Design Service

Ecommerce industry is now widely spread. According to report, at 2018 eCommerce industry have worthe more than 125billion USD which is constantly growing. Most of the businesses turned toward online. Google my business service also increased digital reach of the customers. All we have to do is shift our business online if we want to survive. If you don’t update yourself with time then you will lose your major customers. You can also see that you can even order pizza from your own house online you can book a plumber online and list going on.

If you want to make your business online or want to sell services online or want to just listed online then Click Here to Contact with Us we will help you.

Portfolio Web Design Service

In our Portfolio Web Design Service, we will make a portfolio website for companies, businesses and individuals who have done awesome previous work and want to showcase it. We will create it in a stunning manner that your new client will become happy to see your previous work.

Portfolio website is very important for driving new clients because whenever a new client want to order a service from you, first he looks for your reviews and your previous work. If you show them your portfolio in the form of web where all lists of your projects are there then it will insist them to purchase your service without inconvinious.

Order Portfolio Web Design Service Now

We will make your portfolio website according to your services or business. We will take psychological prospects in mind to win your new users and client’s heart.

Web design for Company Profile

We will create your company profile website where all details of your company will be there including essential pages with professional design and useful information of your company including your address, your contact information and other relevant information which your clients are looking for.

We will make your design clean and corporate level to meet industry demand and user experience. Have you ever saw companies website and impressed about it? We will create one for you. Contact Us to Order!

Our corporate level design will impress your clients we will impose a state of the art designs in it. It does not matter what platform you chose, your final delivery will be according to your needs. However, we will suggest to you during the discussion that what platform will suit best your needs.

We have multiple transparent and opaque designs ready for use moreover we will design new unique pages in Adobe photoshop to implement for your company. We are currently maintaining other companies website too which is huge honor for us. Our clients are growing well and we are too because our client satisfaction is our goal which uplift our business too. We have both referrals and direct clients which are our returning customers. You too can discuss your order with us too we will help you out.

Elements of Web Designing

There are some elements of web designing whether we use CMS or design website custom, these elements help us to build your site. These are building blocks of web designing and development. If these units handled properly and perfectly then final web page will be perfact, error free and will have eye-catching look.

These elements also take part in loading speed of the web page. If these are optimized and have less code to function ration then your site will load at speed of lite but if these elements are designed poorly then your site will buggy and have very high load time which will make you lose your visiting user and search ranking.

HTML Elements

HTML elements are used in both dynamic and static websites but mostly they are used in static web pages. But part of their function must be used in dynamic website too if you want to maintain great look of your dynamic website.

CMS also used that elements but we have not to alter these elements in CMS to make changes, instead CMS separately gives coding option to change it.

Java Script

Javascript is number one element when we talk about designing websites. Today all modern browsers supports javascript. Javascript can influence both, the designing and functionality. Javascript can also do client-side processing without passing informations to server. Which make it great for faster user experience.

All other designing function like adjustment of screen size for web pages, lazy load, optimization etc are done by javascript.

Javascript is client-side browser-based applets by Java Oracle Inc. Company. If you use old browser which don’t support java then half of the websites on internet will not work properly. That is importance of javascript.


HTML5 is the modern version of HTML Hyper Text Markup Language format.

According to W3School:

HTML5 is the latest evolution of the standard that defines HTML. The term represents two different concepts. It is a new version of the language HTML, with new elements, attributes, and behaviors, and a larger set of technologies that allows the building of more diverse and powerful Web sites and applications.


Since this is latest version of HTML, it has lots of new features which were lacked in simple HTML. It has more elements embedding functionality. Just like javascript, all modern browsers also support html5. We also use a combination of html5 and javascript for designing static website orders.

CSS Style Sheet

CSS is web page style sheet format which is an extension of HTML. CSS style sheet can be attached to any web pages to make it look like a professional page. Without CSS we can not see professional web designed pages instead we would see dirty markup words present on our browser screens. Thanks to the CSS style sheet.

Its format is .css which can be attached to a page or its code can be directly inserted into the HTML web page.

Have you see our website? It is full of css codes to make it look like good website if we remove CSS from our site then our website will not readable both by you and search engines. CSS also used for making sections in website.

Images, Video and Flash Media

Images and flash media files are also used in part of designing. You also know that a website without images will look like a journal or simple boring book. Images and media look at a website interesting and beautiful.

CMS Web. Elements

Content Management Systems also use above mentioned elements but the method is different. You can not control their code directly instead CMS controls it and you have to control CMS to indirectly control elements. If you have planned to use any cms then the good news is that cms automatically optimize these codes and make a website professional one but you have to set up your CMS Professionally.

You can Contact Us to Order CMS Web Designing.

Extensions and plugins

Extensions and plugins control the functionality of the website. If you want to add a new function in your site then develop extension and plugin for that and then add it to your site. Boom you have added a new tool to your site. But one disadvantage is that if you add more and more extensions and plugins then your site loading speed will lower and you have to optimize it to maintain your previous speed.


Themes give display and visual functionality to your site. Theme add new CDs stylesheets, a new section, new header and footer and other display function that are essential for your site. Later you can change and customize it.


Composers are CMS web page editors and builder. At a given specific theme, composers can even change the look of your website. If you have a great theme but one unwanted function then you can remove that function by either editing your theme or by visual composers.

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Web Design Service FAQs

What I need to Get Started Order With You?

You need to give me your hosting and domain control panel details to get start web design service

What if I don’t have hosting and domain?

We will help you to give you best domain and hosting. Meanwhile you can read what is domain and hosting

How Order Process Will Start?

You will contact us on whatsapp and discuss your needs with us. We will give you price quote and timeframe. After that we will send you an invoice, after payment confirmation, our team will start your work and deliver it to you.

Can I show you example website to develop my website exactly like this?

Yes you can show that website to us and we will make one like this for you.

How much cost will it be?

The cost is not fixed. Cost will depend on the web platform, the complexity of the design and other factors. Contact Us to know Cost.

How long delivery time will be?

Delivery time will also depend on complexity of work. Contact us to get time require for completion.

Will you help me to chose what platform will suite best for us?

Yes we will help you to chose best platform according to your business needs.

After Final Deliver, will you give me support?

Yes, we will give you full support of how you can handle and operate your website.

How Can I rate your Service?

After delivery, we will send you star rating network link where you can rate our service.

If I have more questions from you then how can I ask?

You can contact us here to ask any question you have.

Final Notes

Web designing is not only a science but also it is art too. A best design of website not only have great looks and display but also have great functionality and speed too.

Workdigit – Web Design Team
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