WordPress Development Service

WordPress Development Service Introduction

We are providing WordPress development service, we will develop your new WordPress site professionally. Our dedicated team is ready for development where you will be able to get fully customizable and responsive website. Yes, our developed website will be fully responsive it means web will be open differently in mobile devices and desktop devices. Web will be open according to device-width just like our own Workdigit website. You can see that our own website adjusted on any device accordingly.

It does not matter whether you want to develop a personal blog website, business niche website, portfolio website, shopping website, company profile website or any other website, we will do your task professionally.

Wordpress Dashboard
WordPress Dashboard

WordPress is the best platform for webs because wordpress is mostly used and enhanced CMS, it has hundreds of thousands of plugins and themes available to use and customization options are just awesome and you will love it.

Custom WordPress Development Services

Custom wordpress site is the best to substitute of custom-built sites like custom PHP, java, asp and static HTML sites. When we will finish development of your custom wordpress site, you will be able to easily handle this site even you will be able to do minor changes yourself easily in the future. The operating cost of a custom wordpress website is very less than custom php websites and yet it is more professional than php sites. For example, you think of adding new functionality in your site but if you are using php or another programming platform like our Java Development Service then it will very difficult and costly to add new function but for WordPress, its price will be some bucks and only some hours and you are done.

How to Order WordPress Development Service

You can order our service straight right now by clicking button below to contact us directly on whatsapp. We will reply to you promptly. After the agreement, our team will start development work and will deliver it to you. Click button below:

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Some Samples of our wordpress Design

WordPress Web Design Services

We are giving wordpress web design services too, in these services we will design your wordpress website even if you are dummies. Our team will bring the great design in action for you. We have several corporate-level designs for wordpress. If you are planning to build your new wordpress website then you can contact us to start your order right now.

WordPress website design is done by designing wordpress themes and special plugins. It also can be done by already present themes and plugins by editing theme from CSS and HTML editor. We will use both of the options to design your wordpress website. This design can be responsive or non-responsive depending on your theme conditions. For example, if you have a theme which does not support responsive design then we have to either change your theme or we have to edit your theme. If you want to make your website responsive then you can contact us to order.

Advantages of Using WordPress

Wordpress Advantages

There are tons of edges of using this. WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) which can runs on any server supporting php and mysql database. One of first advantages is that your site could be running within 1-3 days unlikely than other platforms.

Some Advantages:

  • Unlimited Customization
  • Hundreds of Thousands Plugins and Themes
  • Website Security
  • Easy to Operate
  • Easy to do SEO
  • Fast Speed
  • Easy to Expand and Scale-up

Some Disadvantages

  • Many Themes and Plugins are costly
  • Sometimes there are bugs during development which are hard to locate
  • Imstalling of more number of plugins will reduce wordpress site speed

Some other characteristics are given below:

Thousands of Extensions

Wordpress Extensions

It has many extensions which makes wordpress a powerful CMS on the globe. It has extensions which add powerful functionality to site which was required unlimited efforts before arrival of this CMS System. It has extensions on multiple categories from business to perssonal, life, tools and much more.

Thousands of Themes

Wordpress Themes
WordPress Themes

Themes changes look of website, it add front end elements like colours, footers, fonts, header, columns and sections to the site. It is display element which can be use to design our site exactly like we want it to be. There are thousands of wordpress themes some of them are free and some of them are paid and many of them are partially paid i.e some functionalities are free and some are paid.

Highly Customizable

Customize WordPress
Some Customization Options

As discussed above, wordpress is extremely customizable. plugins adds our desired functionality (backend) and themes adds our desired look (front end display) so themes and plugins together combine will be basic tools required to completely customize WordPress site, however many times it required coding knowledge too, to edit themes and plugins to make exactly we like them to be.

Security and Ranking

Good SEO Ranking and security is also a good function which is added by wordpress. Using wordoress, we can easily do on-page SEO like internal linking, tags, keywords focusing and readability analysis using SEO plugins.

Wordpress Security Service
WordPress Security

Also wordpress has security plugins which countnously check health of our site and prevent any incoming security threats and block malicious attempts using firewall. Also wordoress is continuously manages by CMS provider to release security updates i.e every time a new security threat is found, WordPress team release a new update to enhance WordPress site security.

Plugins and themes are also continuously updated and supported whenever a new security threat is found.

WordPress for Ecommerce

Wordpress For Ecommerce
WordPress For Ecommerce

Just like other imdustries, wordpress also influenced ecommerce industry too. There is a powerful plugin Woocommerce for wordpress which make WordPress a complete online shopping platform where you can sale your goods. We are also providing Ecommerce Website Development Service Here.

Selling Goods

Just like we have discussed, you can sale any goods and services online using wordpress platform. Some details are discussed below:

Digital Goods

You can sale Digital Goods on wordpress platform using different plugins, some of these plugins are:

Easy digital download is used for selling digital good like ebooks, video, courses, audio etc only while woocommerce can be used to sale both digital and physical goods.

Physical Goods

Physical Goods are physically shipabe goods and wordpress support selling of these types of goods online by using cart plugins such as woocommerce. You can set your own prices and counpons and automatic tax calculations and currency conversions.

Selling Services on WordPress

You also can sale physical and virtual (Digital) Services on wordpress. Plugin used for this purpose are woocommerce, however woocommerce is special for ecommerce industry so we can use form plugin integrated with payment gateway to sale your service. Contact Us for more details.

Niche Website Development Service WordPress

Niche Websites are article and content website on perticular niche aiming to helping people and getting organic traffic for monetization. More traffic will earn more money from monetization programs such as Google Adsense Program. Contact Us for this service.

Personal Blog on WordPress

Wordpress Blog Development
WordPress Blog Development

We are also providing service of Personal Blog Creation. Personal Blogs are user customized blog site where user adds their desired content mostly personal based for showing to their blog audience. Example is, a Poetry Blog will contains poetry from author or from somewhere else which user like and post it to his/her blog.

Company/Business Website Development WordPress

Now a days most of the companies and business use WordPress site for their audience. If you are a company or business then you can contact us for development.

Company Portfolio Web Development on WordPress

WordPress is ideal for showcasing your previous work and present it to your customers as portfolio. We will develop your portfolio site on wordpress and will add attractive animations and slide-shows to your portfolio pages so that your clients and customers will impress from your previous work.

Company Services/Products Showcase Website

If you have given service to your customers in past or have sold products then you can present it to your customers in your wordpress site we will do it for you. You also can see our workdigit homepage where you can see user testimonials. We will also add your users testimonials in your site Contact Us.

Any Other Purpose

We have discussed common purposes when wordpress sites are used but usage of this CMS is just not limited to these objectives also you can order wordpress with us with any other purpose too.

WordPress Bug Fixing Service

If you already have a wordpress site an get into any problem with your site or your site got messed up then contact us. We are providing WordPress bug fixing service too. We also edit themes and plugin coding to overcome any issue arising due to bad handling.

WordPress Speed Optimization Service

Sometimes, using many plugins or heavy theme cause your wordoress site to become slow and sluggish, also many time your site server response time will become slow to fix this we are providing wordpress speed enhance service too. We use various techniques to increase wordoress speed and make it to lightweight such as reducing response time, minifying site resources, compressing webpages, enabling Content Delivering Network (CDN), enabling and configuring cache and other measures. Contact Us

Site Migration Service

If you already have a site and you want to migrate to wordpress or you have a wordpress and want to transfer it to another server then we are also providing migration service to you. Contact with us

WordPress Plugin and Theme Development Service

Update: We are now offering wordpress plugin and theme development to our clients. We will develop plugin and theme or edit any existing themes and plugins and make it according to you. We also customize you site if you want to edit your existing wordpress site instead of developing whole site.

Workdigit Final Notes

Always use WordPress with backup because if there is an issue and you are unable to propagate then you can restore your backup.

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